Outdoor Programming

During COVID-19, I've focussed primarily on offering outdoor programming. Outside, we can move vigorously, enjoy the fresh air, and we have lots of space to spread out!

We dance in all weather: snow, rain, and sun. (In cooler or wet weather, participants are supported to wear appropriate clothing so that they stay warm and dry.)

When public health guidelines recommend (and/or when the host school or community organization mandates), we remain masked for outdoor classes. When community transmission is low (and/or when the host school or community organization does not mandate), participants mask according to their family's comfort. We sanitize hands at the beginning and end of each class, and during as required. I structure exercises so that children remain distanced as much as possible.

Online Programming

I also offer customized online programs, mostly to schools and community organizations. Online programming allows participants to benefit from creative movement and participate in a program with other children when otherwise it may not be possible. My online programs are adapted for creation and movement in small spaces. Online programming is especially wonderful during lockdown -- no cancellations!

In-Person Programming

When public health guidelines permit, I offer indoor programming in settings where COVID protocols can be followed (screening, sanitizing, masking, and distancing).

When booking indoor programming, I work with host organizations to ensure participants are aware that the program format can shift to an outdoor or online setting as required.

Working with Schools and Organizations During COVID

I work within each school or organization's COVID-19 policies and procedures. I collaborate with each host to customize a program that meets organizational requirements and participant needs.